Kooky Pizza – Kit Product Descriptions

Deep Dish Pizza Pan

1. 12-inch round deep-dish pizza pan – This exceptionally sturdy, commercial grade pan is just like the ones used in busy, fast paced pizzerias. It’s 1½ inches deep and is made of rust-resistant, heavy gauge aluminum which distributes heat evenly. This pan will last a lifetime.

Pizza Tray

2. 14-inch round commercial grade pizza tray – The wide rim aluminum pizza tray included in our kit is non-corrosive and super functional. It’s great for baking, serving, and reheating pizza, and is lightweight yet durable.

Pizza Screen

3. 14-inch round commercial grade pizza screen – Nobody likes soggy pizza crust. Vegetable based crusts in particular, contain more water than most other types of pizza crust, and even when that water is mostly extracted prior to baking, you can still end up with a soggy crust. A pizza screen does a great job of drying out pizza crusts that contain excess moisture. It facilitates heat and air circulation underneath the pizza and also helps with even browning. We love it for making the bottom of dough-based crusts golden and crispy too!

Parchment Paper Circles

4. 12-inch parchment paper circles (quantity:  50) – Most of our Kooky Pizza crust recipes call for rolling/spreading out pizza crust dough or batter right on these precut, moisture and grease resistant parchment circles – SO easy!  The baked crusts separate from the paper easily and make clean-up a breeze.

Pizza Roller

5. Pizza roller – This unique tool is much less cumbersome than a traditional rolling pin and does a better job rolling out pizza dough because it’s smaller, lightweight, and much easier to maneuver – you only need one hand.  The larger roller ensures and even crust while the smaller roller is great for fine tuning, especially around the edges of dough.

6. Kooky Pizza Crust Recipes booklet (Vol. 1) – The recipe booklet included with each Kooky Pizza Kit contains 12 recipes. Kooky Pizza Kit owners can also view/print these recipes, along with other pizza crust recipes not included in the booklet, on KookyPizza.com. 

Crust Recipes Screenshot

PLUS – Kooky Pizza Crusts lifetime web access – We’re adding new recipes to KookyPizza.com all the time.  Our pizza crust recipes are exclusive and visible on this website only to Kooky Pizza Kit owners via a custom member login.

A great value at just $39.99!