Allergen and Nutrition Notice

People with food allergies and suspected food allergies, or those who are preparing food for people with food allergies, should carefully analyze each ingredient used in our recipes and not rely on the categorizations listed on this website. While we make every effort to name and categorize our recipes accurately, there are often gray areas, and the ingredients in food products can vary depending on the manufacturer too. For example, some store bought bread crumbs contain soy and some do not. In addition, many food products that, according to their ingredient labels, don’t contain allergens, can become cross-contaminated by such allergens during processing so it’s important to read ingredient labels carefully and check with food manufacturers if you have any concerns. We do not guarantee that the ingredients listed in any of our recipes are allergy free. And finally, always allow safe food handling practices when preparing food.

We calculate nutritional information for the recipes contained on this website using nutrition software and on-line calculators. This information is provided as a courtesy and all figures given are estimates. The precise nutritional values for any recipe will vary depending on factors such as the brand of ingredient, how it’s processed, and natural fluctuations inherent to particular types of food. In addition, different nutrition facts calculators/software will provide different results depending on their sources and algorithms. To obtain the most accurate nutrition information, perform your own calculations with the actual ingredients used in the recipe and use a nutrition calculator or software that you trust.